Hi, I'm Lauren!

I love transforming complex problems into simple, elegant, and intuitive design solutions. I am passionate about conceptualizing and crafting delightful user experiences that are built on empathy and supported by research. I believe that understanding your users and acknowledging their needs and frustrations are the keys to improving the functionality, ease of use, and overall satisfaction of any product.

My Journey into UX
My Certifications
How I Like to Work

Design thinking is a user-centric methodology for problem-solving. It commonly consists of six repeatable steps: Research, Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, and Test. It’s not meant to be a linear step-by-step process but a cyclical one, in which steps can be repeated as needed.
Character Reference

"During the five months I have worked with Lauren, she quickly established herself as a passionate designer, creative thinker, and quick learner, who strongly believes in the work she creates. Lauren is process-oriented and helps bring structure to, what at times, is unstructured work. As an example, she documented a process to help the multi-disciplinary project team determine how and when to engage the usability experts and designers on the team. This process helped everyone on the team understand how all their work fit together and helped to clarify roles within the project. Her passion, drive, and instinct to bring clarity and structure to her work environment will continue to serve her well and will make her a wonderful addition to any team."  Cate Labelle, Manager at Canada Revenue Agency
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